#AEDH – Qatar Sue Theo Zwanzinger


In an unusual case that once again highlights the sensitivity surrounding Qatar

winning the right to stage the 2022 World Cup, officials of the Gulf state are suing

former FIFA executive committee member Theo Zwanziger for referring to them as a

“cancerous growth on world football”. 

Zwanziger, who headed the German football association (DFB) until 2012, made the

comments last year when asked in a TV interview whether the decision to let Qatar

stage the tournament should be reviewed as corruption allegations swirled around

football’s world governing body.

Ironically Zwanziger, who stepped down from FIFA’s inner circle last year, was the

official appointed to liaise with the Qatari authorities over the welfare of

construction workers and Qatar’s FA said the cancer remark showed collective

disrespect and was slanderous.

The Qataris seek to prevent Zwanziger, who was elected to his FIFA post by

European members from 2011-2015, repeating such comments. He has been a long-

standing critic of the Qatar World Cup but claims his words were directed not against

a person or Qatari institution, but FIFA’s system of awarding the 2022 World Cup and

the choice of Qatar per se.

Jeriah Udi

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