AS Roma Begin Building Of A New Stadium

AS Roma Stadium

Serie A giants AS Roma, are set to embark on a massive £1 billion project for building a new stadium and  business and entertainment centre .

Roma who share a stadium with city rivals Lazio are hoping to move from Stadio Olimpico as soon as the project is completed. American owner, James Pallota wants Roma to be a top club in the world, and feel its a necessity that the club owns it’s own stadium if it wants to attain that status.

AS Roma New Stadium

“If we are going to consistently compete as a top club in the world we need a new stadium, a stadium that is privately owned by AS Roma,’ Pallotta said, adding that the entire project will amount to ‘one of the most important projects in Italy in many, many decades.”

AS Roma New Stadium

The stadium is expected to have a capacity of 52,500 seats, with the option of expanding it to 60,000 if need be. The project starts in december and will last up to two years pending government approval. The total cost to build the stadium itself is around £217million, but the other cost that makes up the total amount are from surrounding structures and transportation.

AS Roma New stadium

(l-r) Riccardo Viola, Italo Zanzi, Mark Pannes, James Pallotta, Luca Parnasi, Daniel Liebskind and Andreas Kipar An pose in front of the model of the new ground on Monday

The stadium is slated to be open for the 2017-2018 Serie A season.



Photo Credit : Daily mail

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