EPL Champions Chelsea, Have The Healthiest Fans In England

Chelsea Fans

A researcher has revealed that people who leave close to stadiums tend to live up to 7 years more than others.

According to the UK mirror, researchers have used smoking rates, obesity, and alcohol related hospital admission to draw up a premier league table of life expectancies among football fans in England.

Top of the chart is those living near Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge, who are predicted to live on average 6 years longer their counterparts near Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium in 18th position. Meanwhile, fans of  Mersyside teams Liverpool, and Everton are at the bottom of the table.

See table below:

Football Public Health League

:: P (Played) – Percentage of smokers

:: W (Won) – Weight – percentage of obesity and overweight

:: D (Drawn) – Deaths – all cause mortality rates per 100,000 people

:: L (Lost) – Life expectancy for males in years

:: F (For) – Female life expectancy in years

:: A (Against) – Alcohol-related hospital admissions per 100,000 people

:: GD (Goal Difference) – Gap or Difference in life expectancy for men between the most and least deprived areas of the local authority in years

:: Pts (Points)* – Points representing the sum of ranks for each health indicator

Professor Clare Bambra drew on the famous Bill Shankly quote about football being more important than life and death, and studied figures from each local authority around the clubs’ grounds.

Prof Bambra said: “I felt that using football terms might be a useful way of highlighting health inequalities in our country.

“I think the league table shows some quite stark results in terms of health and particularly in terms of the North-South divide.

“We have only one northern club making it into the top half of the country.”

The data was taken from Public Health England Outcomes Framework Data, the Office for National Statistics and the Public Health Observatory Wales.

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