FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 Grand Final London Promo

FIFA Interactive World Cup

The FIFA Interactive World Cup (FIWC17), the world’s largest gaming tournament, has an entirely new tournament format!

Qualification for FIWC17 runs from November 2016 to April 2017, with the final live event, The Grand Final, taking place in London in late August 2017.

Whether you’re on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, the 13th edition of the FIWC is your chance to express yourself on the virtual pitch more than ever before. The winner of FIWC17 will receive $200,000 (USD) along with a trip to The Best FIFA Football Awards™ 2016, while the runner-up will take home S100,000.

Want to join the millions of virtual footballers on the road to London 2017? According to, the breaks down the tournament format for FIWC 2017 in detail below:

Road to London
To secure one of the 32 seats at the London Grand Final, players have to first successfully navigate online qualification and gain access to one of the live qualification events. At the live qualifiers, participants will compete against the best players from their respective regions to try and win a seat at the London Grand Final.

The Road to London includes various ways for players to qualify for the FIWC17 Grand Final in London:
• Ultimate Team Championship Series
• FIWC Regional Final EUROPE
• FIWC Regional Final AMERICAS
• FIWC Regional Final ROW
• FIFA Interactive Club World Cup

There are three qualification regions for these events:
• Europe
• North, Central and South America
• Rest Of World

The entire Road to London will be played in two divisions: the PlayStation 4 Division and the Xbox One Division.

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