#HOUSEYARNS : Players That are being Owed Can leave -Shehu Dikko


Chairman of the League Management Company (LMC),Shehu Dikko has exposed a

potential loophole which players of the Nigeria Premier league can explore and walk

away when they are owed.

While speaking on Liberty Radio Saturday show, Sportspack Dikko revealed a rule in

the league governing statues that permits players to dump their team if their

entitlements are not paid within a particular period.

“Our players need to know the rules governing the league they are playing in as that

will help them in fighting for what is due to them” He told Liberty Radio

“For instance if a player is owed salaries all he has to do is to write to the team giving

them a 14 days ultimatum after which if they didn’t pay him, He can leave for free,

it’s as simple as that”.

Dikko also urged club administrators to treat players welfare as a matter of urgency

as without the players they won’t be their as administrators.

Furthermore he urged them to try and be self sustainable as that is the only way

they can properly run their clubs with the funds they are able to generate without

needing government’s backing.

Jeriah Udi

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