Kompany Sings Off The Same Anti-UEFA Hymn Sheet As Man City Fans

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Manchester City’s Belgian captain Vincent Kompany has described as “a joke” UEFA’s decision to launch an investigation into the booing of the Champions League anthem by the club’s supporters.

European football’s governing body opened disciplinary proceedings against City under regulations concerning the “disruption of the competition anthem” following the Champions League fixture home win over Sevilla on October 21.

“There is nothing holy about the Champions League anthem,” Kompany said, adding that UEFA were not being consistent.

“It’s a joke. We have played many games in Europe where there has been racial abuse – we have had to put up with it.”

The booing occurred because City’s fans are still angry with UEFA over its decision to play a Champions League match against CSKA Moscow behind closed doors last year because of a series of offences, including racial abuse, without compensating away fans who had already paid for tickets. Some CSKA fans were reported to have actually attended the fixture.

“UEFA can do what they want to do, but in the end if people feel it’s the right thing to do, they have the right to do it,” said Kompany.

“How else can they show their frustration and somehow have a voice that matters? The fact that we were given the sanction is actually drawing more attention to what they are trying to do. We support our fans.”

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