LMC Advise Clubs Against Implementing Pay Cuts


The League Management Company (LMC) has asked  clubs to refrain from acts that run contrary to the terms of contracts entered into with players.

Chairman of the LMC, Mallam Shehu Dikko in reaction to recurring reports of clubs threatening or issuing ultimatums and threat of sack and deduction of salaries of their players and technical crew, urged the various clubs’ management to seek better creative ways of motivating their players and coaches rather than resorting to strong arm and punitive tactics that run counter to extant regulations guiding players’ contract and wages.

The LMC Chairman stated that, “We will work with the Clubs to ensure employment contracts are adhered to within the league structure  and employees rights are well respected. It is against the spirit of the contract terms recommended and deposited with us by all the clubs to introduce these pay cuts. It certainly is a potential violation of the minimum wage condition. I urge clubs to find better creative ways to motivate their employees. We should not allow the impression that different labour laws apply to football clubs to hold.

Citing relevant sections of the Nigeria Professional Football League Rules and Framework, Mallam Dikko cautioned: “Whereas these reports are unconfirmed, they are disconcerting. The League Rules- Article B9.45 require that terms of contracts shall be strictly adhered to. Deducting salaries of players or coaches on account of poor performance is contrary to the terms of contract and a violation we will certainly not entertain.

Abideen Owolabi

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