#Oyinbotorchlight – Spanish Football Federation President Pressured To Justify Loans


President of the Spanish Football Federation [RFEF] Angel Maria Villar is under

pressure to justify a loan given to Recreativo Huelva.

AS reports Villar has asked the Sports Council [CSD] for an extra 72 hours before

presenting his reasons for the loan to the body, but has been given 48 hours instead.

The CSD is investigating money paid to Recreativo that allowed the club to pay off a

debt owed to former Coach Jose Luis Oltra that then allowed the club to re-enter the

transfer market.

It’s alleged that Villar breached regulations in sanctioning the loan of €200,000 from

RFEF funds and, if found to have acted improperly, he won’t be able to stand for re-

election as President in April’s elections.
Villar is said to have asked for more time before appearing in front of the CSD as he

is looking for a legal defence for the loan, having previously admitted it was given to


Villar has been President of the RFEF for the past 28 years.

Jeriah Udi

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