Are These The Top 5 Greatest Defenders Of All Time?

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We all know offense wins games, but you just can’t win an league without defense, and if you don’t believe us, ask a coach.

The best soccer players of all time aren’t always the ones right in the action, sometimes all it takes is a step back and a bit of appreciation to realize that the grunts who are defending the goal are the best.

These best football defenders are in the ranks of the best defenders in the world, and have earned their spots.

CAFU: Arguably the greatest Brazilian defender of all time, ply his trade for many years in Serie A is a testament to how good he was as a defender.

RONALD KOEMAN: he Dutch defender played in one of the Netherlands’ most talented sides, often brutal defender Koeman had a special talent for scoring.

FRANCO BARESI: The archetypal deep-lying Italian sweeper, nothing and nobody got past the AC Milan legend in his heyday.

FRANZ BECKENBAUER: A World Cup winner in 1974, Beckenbauer helped invent the modern sweeper position as we understand it today.

PAOLO MALDINI: Maldini was a stalwart of over 20 years in AC Milan, he was an elegant defender of rare quality and consistency.

DANIEL PASSARELLA: The Kaiser was not just a great defender and inspirational captain, the man who led Argentina to World Cup glory in 1978.



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