Veo Launches Operator Free Video System For Club Coaches


Danish company Veo has launched a video recording system that can film games without using a camera operator and deliver an edited match back to clubs and coaches within 24 hours.

The two-camera system can be mounted on a tripod or in a stadium and records a panoramic video from an elevated position using two 4K cameras that is then uploaded to Veo’s system.


Using Veo’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) software – the unique core of the Veo technology – the players on the two teams and the match ball are tagged and the video is edited in the way a conventional cameraman would have filmed the game.

The  film is then sent back to the club or coach where the user can then further choose to track the ball or an individual player and then the AI engine will automatically edit the match film to present an end product that gives a video tracking the ball or the player just as though the film had been edited in a conventional way. And this can be repeated for different players


The panoramic film also has further options allowing editing of the film from a coach’s viewpoint to illustrate certain aspects of game play and use it for player feedback and performance coaching. A coach could even allow players to edit their own clips.


Veo co-founder and CEO Henrik Telsbaek said: “Veo has been developed as a tool for coaches. Once coaches receive their initial edited film, they have access to a basic suite of Veo editing tools on the web that can add zones to the pitch, highlight areas and draw things tactically on the pitch. You can also switch to a 2-D map of the players to show them how they are positioned.”

Telsbaek was speaking in Manchester at Soccerex where Veo was launching to the UK market.

Seen as a tool that works for coaches at all levels of the game, the system is priced at €2,000  for a year’s subscription. That package includes camera, film editing and access to the editing software to create highlights and coaching clips.

“Most clubs cannot afford camera operators to film every game but with this technology it becomes affordable as well having the editing functionality for coaches,” said Telsbaek.

Source: ( insideworldfootball)

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