Wayne Rooney’s Everton Future May Not Be In His Hands

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In recent weeks, as the premier league season nears it’s end, Wayne Rooney’s Everton future has been somewhat in doubt as some feel he might ditch the premier league side for the MLS while others think he might want finish his two-year contract at the club-considering he might do so out of respect for his beloved childhood club.

The former Manchester united forward’s future however, might not be for him to decide as the club’s (possible) next coach might not be willing to let him go so easily as he still has a year left on his contract.

Sam Allardyce, the club’s current coach, may still be manager next season but there has been no official confirmation from Everton’s board as they may be looking at other options for the managerial position.

That being said, Wayne Rooney still has to hold on and wait to see what the near future holds before he can pack up his boots and head over to the U.S.

Abideen Owolabi

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